08 August 2010

I Am Lucky

To have a very loving and supportive family. While I know none of them are HAPPY I'm atheist, I never have to deal with this...well...just DISGUSTING behaviour. I fell bad for this girl and others like her. While I did have a tiny bit of brainwashing to break through, I'm pretty lucky that religion didn't...TAKE OVER in my life. It's kind of a background thing. My family still loves me just the same and for that I will be forever grateful.

If you don't know what some atheist go through when "coming out" please read this. And THIS is actually NOTHING compared to some other people around the world! It's sad.

Oh, that reminds me of this video. I can't even IMAGINE someone in my family acting this way.

hahaha Like Christmas gifts will make you believe in god! And if god were real, he'd be able to tell that the only reason this kid SAYS he believes is because he wants gifts!! I'd think god would be even MORE pissed about that!! haha

The End.

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