06 August 2010

It Was a Good Night

Quick post about last night: It was good.

haha No, that's not all, I just want to plug a few places I frequented last night!

Had a DELICIOUS (but kinda expensive for a little bit, but mine was a birthday gift! hehe) lobster roll from Luke's Lobster. I went to the one on 7th St., but there's one uptown too. I suppose it IS lobster & that's like the go-to rich person's food, so it being expensive makes sense. It was REALLY good, though.

Had a nice pitcher of Brooklyn Lager over at Grassroots Tavern on St. Marks. (No, not by myself!) I really like this place, not too crowded & fairly cheap. Cash only though! Annoying! Be prepared!

Then on the way back to the train I passed the best thing ever! (Actually I passed it GOING to Luke's and thought it smelled delicious, and was just what I needed after lobster & beer...) It's a food truck called Wafels & Dinges! They serve waffles with dinges. haha ("Dinges" is Belgian for "toppings" apparently.) SO DELICIOUS. I got like a waffle ice cream sandwich. (I can't see it on the menu on the website...) It was two crispy waffles (like a cone, but better) with vanilla ice cream in between. And you can pick your dinge to go on it. I had the Spekuloos spread that was recommended. It's like a gingerbread flavour. REALLY good.

Seriously, this shit was amazing. I just had to share. I tell you what, New York City frakkin' RULES!

The End.

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Rich said...

There's one of those Wafel and Dinges trucks in Riverside Park South at 66th, too. Been passing by it the last few weekends trying to resist...but it smells so good!