31 May 2009

Sketchbook Series #4

It's been awhile since I posted a one of my sketchbook pages! I get so wrapped up in yammering on about what I'm up to, I completely forget I wanted to post all these!

I was trying to find a drawing to post that relates to something going on with me right now and I the best I could do was that my good friend Jacob Chabot was in the office the other day and gave me some of his homemade banana bread! YUM! Very good, but I think I liked his peanut butter cookies from a few weeks ago even more... ;-)

Anyway, Jacob writes and draws a FANTASTIC comic called The Mighty Skullboy Army that all of you should be reading! He's also draw a few things here and there for Marvel (and other not as cool comic companies...hehe)! Here's his awesome monkey that he drew in my book, one of Skullboy's...lets say, henchmen! ;-) hehe Isn't he adorable!?

I highly recommend all of you check out this book, it's funny and adorable. Jacob is very talented. I believe he will also be appearing at MOCCA in NYC next weekend if you'd like to meet him! You can pick up his digest or mini comics there, or more importantly by an original drawing, he'll draw whatever you want!! :)

As you can see, I'm a big Skullboy fan! I've even got the vinyl figure!!

And here's the awesome bathroom-themed Skullboy drawing he did for me! (I've got a skull-themed bathroom, so I though this would be perfect! And it IS!)

So yeah! Check it out!

The End.

29 May 2009

I've Joined the Atheist Blogroll!

Sweet! Now my blog is part of the Atheist Blogroll! You can see the blogroll in my sidebar (right below my Twitter feed)! If you are interested in other Atheist blogs (by atheists, and often about atheism, but not CONFINED to the subject...as you can see if you read MY blog), check out the lists to find other cool blogs!

If you'd like to JOIN the Atheist blogroll, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information! You can also follow Mojoey on Twitter for updates!

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27 May 2009

26 May 2009

I'm a Sci-Fi/Comic Geek!

As if I didn't already know that! haha What kind of geek are you?

Nerd test

The End.

More on Star Trek

Saw it for the THIRD time this weekend and plan on seeing it more, as well. Still cried at the beginning, still laughed at the jokes, still loved every single thing about that movie...maybe even moreso!

Anyway, just wanted to share this PvP strip with you (as brought to my attention by Wil Wheaton on HIS blog...and for those who don't know, Wil Wheaton is Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation!)

The End.

20 May 2009


Oh man! I know this has been talked about and blogged about TO DEATH, but I just need to say how much I love this frakkin' movie!!!!

I finally saw it on Saturday and liked it so much I saw it again last night — by myself – at an IMAX theater. This time I loved it even more. I really think it's a perfect movie. Not necessarily THE perfect movie, but it's got everything I want or need in this kind of movie.

The characters: funny, endearing, quirky, just GREAT. I know the original Star Trek only slightly (I was a Next Generation girl thanks to my grandma!), but I just LOVE these characters now!

The cast: FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! Every single actor in this movie was great. I fell in love with all of them! (Super cool to see Eomir in it too! hehe)

The action: LOVE the bar scene, LOVE seeing Spock kick ass

The technology/effects/etc.: everything LOOKED cool. The ships, I liked the transporter effects, it's all awesome.

It's fucking funny, its dramatic, its emotional. I teared up in the first frakkin' scene! IT'S GOT EVERYTHING, DAMMIT! haha

I also seriously want to date Kirk, Bones and Spock all at the same time. Oh and lets not forget Scotty! I LOVE Simon Pegg!! And he did such a great job (excellent Scottish accent as well!) haha Even Kirk's dad was awesome (and handsome) and I'm PSYCHED that he's been cast as Thor!! Woo!

Anyway, if you haven't seen this, GO. It's so great and you don't need to love Star Trek to enjoy it. (Though, yeah, it's definitely cooler if you recognise the characters and some of the stuff they always say...can't imagine there's a person out there, though, that hasn't at least HEARD of Kirk and Spock and couldn't recognise the Spock little hand thing that he does! haha)

HOWEVER, I heard some horrible things about how it's better than Star Wars, so lets just cut that out, shall we? I mean...STAR WARS. ::ahem::

Anyway, here's a funny video someone sent me, related to that. Enjoy!

The End.

12 May 2009


Just some recent spam email subjects that I find amusing...
  • We will not let your virility retire so soon.
  • You don't need a crane to raise your tool up.
  • Your man's strength and activity will be regenerated again.
  • Your man's power and endurance will be re generated again.
  • HowTo Tell If Shhe Is Faking Her Orgasms - 4 Proven Ways To Catch A Fake Orgasm Instantly
  • 5 Basic Things You Need To Know About Sexual Response
  • If watering your device doesn't help it be come bigger we know what helps.
  • Men, Here's One Reason Why Your Wife's sex-Drive Declined After Marraige
  • Getting her a nice watch is the easiest way to make up for your fault.
  • Your man's power will return to you like a boomerang.
  • Need more powers to make her satisfied? Take this love potion and drill her for 5 hours!
  • She won't need a magnifying glass from now to find your tool.
Genius. Who actually opens these things and what exactly do they get?!

The End.

04 May 2009

Bike tour and AIDS Walk!

So, yesterday I participated in the 5 Borough Bike tour, a 42-mile bike ride through all 5 boroughs of Manhattan! Last year was the first time I did it and it didn't seem TOO difficult...this year was WAY harder!

This is owed mostly to the pouring rain the entire time, but also to the fact that this time, we got a good head start and so missed all the bottlenecked walking bits. These I thought I hated last year, but now realise it's the main reason it felt so much easier! This time, I only had to walk about 5 minutes, the rest was spent constantly pedaling. Felt more like I accomplished something, sure, but also KILLED me. Those bridges man...woof! I actually had to chant to myself "you can do this, you can do this" the entire uphill battle of the Verrezanno Bridge!

All in all, though, I'm so glad I did it...and did it in the rain! I would have much rather have been riding on a nice sunny day, getting a little colour in the process, but I absolutely feel like much more of a badass having completed it in that miserable weather. (I was completely soaked through from only a half hour in, squishy shoes and all!)

Nice though, that this is one of those few times that it's actually helpful to live on Staten Island. After the festival at Fort Wadsworth, I was able to just bike to my house not that far away in 15 minutes. Fantastic!

Needless to say, it was too rainy and crappy to have taken any pictures, but here's our route!

AND next up for me as far as big NYC adventures is the AIDS Walk! 6.2 miles in Manhattan. Seems like cake now after what I've just been through, but I remember being more tired after this last year (though, like I say, the bike tour was easier last year). The worst part about the walk is how many people there are, so you can never really take full-size strides, which make your legs hurt more and makes the walk take much longer than it should. BUT it's for a VERY IMPORTANT cause, so no complaining from me!! :)

The AIDS Walk in two weeks so anyone who would still like to donate, should do it now! Thanks so much for all your support! :)

Here's the link to my donation page:


Thanks again!

The End.