20 May 2009


Oh man! I know this has been talked about and blogged about TO DEATH, but I just need to say how much I love this frakkin' movie!!!!

I finally saw it on Saturday and liked it so much I saw it again last night — by myself – at an IMAX theater. This time I loved it even more. I really think it's a perfect movie. Not necessarily THE perfect movie, but it's got everything I want or need in this kind of movie.

The characters: funny, endearing, quirky, just GREAT. I know the original Star Trek only slightly (I was a Next Generation girl thanks to my grandma!), but I just LOVE these characters now!

The cast: FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! Every single actor in this movie was great. I fell in love with all of them! (Super cool to see Eomir in it too! hehe)

The action: LOVE the bar scene, LOVE seeing Spock kick ass

The technology/effects/etc.: everything LOOKED cool. The ships, I liked the transporter effects, it's all awesome.

It's fucking funny, its dramatic, its emotional. I teared up in the first frakkin' scene! IT'S GOT EVERYTHING, DAMMIT! haha

I also seriously want to date Kirk, Bones and Spock all at the same time. Oh and lets not forget Scotty! I LOVE Simon Pegg!! And he did such a great job (excellent Scottish accent as well!) haha Even Kirk's dad was awesome (and handsome) and I'm PSYCHED that he's been cast as Thor!! Woo!

Anyway, if you haven't seen this, GO. It's so great and you don't need to love Star Trek to enjoy it. (Though, yeah, it's definitely cooler if you recognise the characters and some of the stuff they always say...can't imagine there's a person out there, though, that hasn't at least HEARD of Kirk and Spock and couldn't recognise the Spock little hand thing that he does! haha)

HOWEVER, I heard some horrible things about how it's better than Star Wars, so lets just cut that out, shall we? I mean...STAR WARS. ::ahem::

Anyway, here's a funny video someone sent me, related to that. Enjoy!

The End.


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it, it was an amazing movie and i can't wait to see it again..... =D

Rick said...

It's certainly better than all 3 of the Star Wars prequels, combined. But, actually, so was Legally Blonde 2.

Just watched Star Wars again the other day (aka Episode 4: A New Hope) with my 5-year-old and soon-to-be-4-year-old. Good times.

Since seeing the new Trek though, we're thinking about getting my oldest hooked on the original series now, so maybe when the sequel comes out we can all go see it in the theater together.

DarkDragon247 said...

I.....eh.... have to admit, I think it's better than most of the Start Wars movies.... Just my 5 Cent.....