12 May 2009


Just some recent spam email subjects that I find amusing...
  • We will not let your virility retire so soon.
  • You don't need a crane to raise your tool up.
  • Your man's strength and activity will be regenerated again.
  • Your man's power and endurance will be re generated again.
  • HowTo Tell If Shhe Is Faking Her Orgasms - 4 Proven Ways To Catch A Fake Orgasm Instantly
  • 5 Basic Things You Need To Know About Sexual Response
  • If watering your device doesn't help it be come bigger we know what helps.
  • Men, Here's One Reason Why Your Wife's sex-Drive Declined After Marraige
  • Getting her a nice watch is the easiest way to make up for your fault.
  • Your man's power will return to you like a boomerang.
  • Need more powers to make her satisfied? Take this love potion and drill her for 5 hours!
  • She won't need a magnifying glass from now to find your tool.
Genius. Who actually opens these things and what exactly do they get?!

The End.


soulspeak23 said...

you would not belive how many of these actually get through to my work e-mail, which filters EVERYTHING! Goodreads is now blocked for me at work, but I can get 7 e-mails to "make your tool bigger"?!? WTF??

Anonymous said...

funny stuff....the amazing part is some people actually fall for this crap.... MORE POWER!!!

DarkDragon247 said...

Hmm.... never open this stuff, but now that you mention them.... ;)