30 January 2009

In Preparation...

I'm getting a new tattoo tomorrow!!! Well, hopefully. I'm going to go to the place I always go to (Ron & Dave's on Staten Island, they're great!) with what I want and see if I can get in (it gets really busy sometimes). I'm not going to say what it is now, I'll just post pictures when it's done.

For now, I thought I'd post pictures of the tattoos I CURRENTLY have. If you've seen/heard this all before, I apologise! :) (Some of these are a bit blurry, sorry!)

My first tattoo is this skull and crossbones that I got on my right calf. It's a tattoo that means a whole lot to me because several of my friends also have the exact same one (still waiting for a few others to get it too), including one who is no longer with us. :( I wouldn't say it's a "gang symbol" but we sorta had a "crew" in our high school days and we all had these patches with that skull on it. So...yeah a very MEANINGFUL skull and crossbones! haha Pissed my mother off, at the time though. She was more mad about what it WAS than the fact that I got it!

My second tattoo was a tramp stamp. haha It's the most superficial tattoo I have so far. I just wanted a tattoo there because I always liked seeing them on other girls (if they were good ones, anyway). I had a friend of mine at work design this for me. Got a lion because I'm a Leo and as such have been obsessed with them since childhood. I particularly like the little cat-eye-like designs he made for the sides of it. :) This is often though to be a Lion King tattoo, which has always annoyed me. I care less now, though, I realised I really like the Lion King, so who gives a f#$*!

My third tattoo means the most to me so far. It's a drawing of my favourite kitty ever. My little Shadow. My friend Christine Norrie (a fantastic artist who's art I fell in love with when I read the first Hopeless Savages comic series from Oni Press) drew this for me from a picture of him and it looks just like him. (This one, my mom LOVES.) He died a few years ago and it ripped out my heart. I had him for like 15 years. Don't know if I can ever get another pet because I don't think I can handle it again...

Lastly is my super-awesome LOCKHEED tattoo draw for me by my good friend and original Astonishing X-Men artist, John Cassaday! Comics are my life (obviously) and it all started with the X-Men. (Well, that's not entirely true, I grew up on Archies, but it wasn't until X-Men that I became crazy for comics.) Lockheed has always been one of my favourite X-Men and I liked the idea of a Lockheed tattoo because the average person will just think it's a dragon. When I first saw John's rendition of Lockheed, I knew he had to be the one to do it. Took him three years to get it to me...but it was worth it! (Thanks, John!!!! <3)

So that's it for now. I am currently waiting on two tattoos to be drawn for me, though I get the feeling they will never happen. I've been waiting a few years for one and like 6 months for another, but I'm holding out! In the meantime, I've had a few ideas and with two friends of mine getting tattooed this week, I got the itch BIG time.

So, hopefully I'll have some pics of my new tattoo to post in a few days! Wish me luck!

The End.

22 January 2009

Aw, Poor Mets...

This is definitely funny, but hurts. I have to say Colbert isn't off, the new patch IS pretty lame.

Sent to me by my mommy:

If Your New Commemorative Mets' Patch Doesn't Arrive In 30 Minutes, It's Free

I'm still looking forward to the new season though! Don't know if I'll be able to get tickets, but it'll be nice to have a little more room in those seats!

The End.

21 January 2009

Argh! Christian Fundamentalists Are Terrifying!

Was led to this by another blog that I follow. Holy balls, this shit is crazy!

Pray Obama Fails

My "favourite" line: "I want Obama to fail because his agenda is 100 percent at odds with God's. Pretending it is not simply makes a mockery of God's straightforward Commandments."

Keep your religion out of my government!!!!!!!

The End.

19 January 2009

OUCH! (Fun Can Hurt!)

So today I am in a lot of pain...not quite so much as yesterday, but still...OUCH! Saturday I finally tried something I've wanted to do for awhile...I climbed an indoor rock wall!!! (Never doing the real thing, thank you, I'd like not to tempt fate.) Ever since I started kick boxing (just the exercise kind, not the actual sparring kind...though I might try that one day too), I've been wanting to do more physical activities. I've been a lazy S.O.B. my whole life, never even liking to walk more than 5 blocks. Now I'll walk all over Manhattan rather than take a train (barring unsavory weather), I rode the 5 Borough Bike Tour and participate on Marvel's AIDS Walk team. I'm reluctant to play sports as I've never played ANY before and I know I'd just be atrocious at it. So rock climbing seemed like something I could do.

My adorable younger cousin and his equally adorable girlfriend took me to a rock gym near their house for my first time. They go all the time, sometimes 3 days a week, so I felt safe in their hands. It was definitely a fun time.

Here's me starting my third go (when I thought to get pictures):

A VERY flattering action shot (that's sarcasm there, don't know if you caught it! haha):

And at the top! Lil' cos says it's 35 ft. up!

Very fun! And surprisingly, I wasn't really that scared! A few times when you feel like you might lose your grip, it can be a bit scary, but then you remember you're strapped in and it's not so bad. But boy, it does a number on your forearms! I probably need to use my legs a little more, but even still, it's going to hurt. My arms were shaking like crazy after the first go, but I got more used to it by the third.

I attempted another wall at the end, that like, came out a little, but there was this insanely far reach that I just couldn't make. I just needed like another inch to get a good grip and I was so tired by that point, I couldn't support myself. I'll try that one first next time! And there WILL be a next time! I'm going to shoot for once a month and see if I can do it. I don't think I'll ever be as good as cousin and his girlfriend (and they are good, I was very impressed!), but I definitely want to try some harder climbs! Eventually I'll go somewhere closer to my house if I can find someone to go with me, but for now my poor cousin is stuck training me. ;-)

Definitely recommended (assuming you're not deathly afraid of heights)! Fun fun!

And I'm supposed to kickbox tonight...definitely going to have weaker punches!

The End.

15 January 2009

This Is Why I Love Da Boss Man!

He posted this on twitter:

Make sure you also watch the outtakes. Hilarious.

Get It On – Outtakes

C'mon, tell me you don't wish YOUR boss sent shit like this around! haha

The End.

14 January 2009

Prophetnoise's Comment Needs to Be Shared

The following was posted in a comment on my previous post. Watch these guys individually. Frakkin' ridiculous! Ha!

The End.

12 January 2009

Who Knew Sesame Street Was So Damned Funny??

OK, so I owe this one to my co-worker Mark, who recently watched this Sesame Street DVD (which I'm definitely getting now) and re-discovered this hilarious clip. I had remembered the characters, but not the actual premise (though it all came back when I saw it). A quick youtube search yielded this gem, and boy-oh-boy is it funny! Like REALLY funny! Not just like, funny-for-kids. And the puppets are just FANTASTIC. How awesome are their MOUTHS??!? The best is what they do when they get scared! Hilarious. And the memories it brings back (if you're of my generation) just make it even better. I sound like an old lady now, but they just don't make 'em like they used to! Enjoy!

The End.

05 January 2009

Check out the ass on that pear!

This happened about 6 months ago, I think, but it was so awesome, I decided to post about it now. I whooped and hollered about it in the office, so any co-workers reading this can ignore it (practically none of them DO read it though, thanks guys!).

Anyway, one morning I bought a pear and a banana from the fruit stand guy. Later that day, I pull the pear out of my bag to eat it. This is what I see:

Do you see what I see? IT'S A FRACKING ASS!!!! Man, you can NOT understand how excited this made me. Totally perked me up for the rest of the day. I thought this was the greatest thing ever, I ran around the office showing everyone who'd look. I mean...it even had an asshole!!! LOOK!

Man, was I happy. A friend called and it was the first thing I told him. My co-worker thought I called him and was all like "You're CALLING people about this?!?" Needless to say, everyone was amused but thought it ridiculous how much it amused ME. I even waited for my boss to get out of a meeting so I could show him before I ate it. And — obviously — I took pictures. I kept saying it was the best pear ever. And you know what? It totally was! haha Not only did it have an ass, but it was the juiciest and sweetest muthafrakkin' pear I've ever eaten.

Ahhh, it's the little things... ;-)

Here's one more for the road, I think my favourite view, looks like a naked person sitting as seen from behind:

The End.

01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had fun last night! I know I did, as evidenced by my enormous headache! ;-) 2008 wasn't so bad, hoping 2009 will be better. We've got a new President to look forward to, so hopefully we'll start moving in the right direction. And here's hoping our economy heals up a bit.

Anyway, here's a look back at the past year, told by your favourite Uncle Jay! (I have no idea who this guy is, but I think this is pretty amusing.)

The End.