03 December 2009

SNL Still Kicking Ass!

So I watched last week's SNL last night (aaah, love that DVR). It was just another example of how good this show has been in the last few years. Now I know not every sketch is great and some episodes are weaker than others (I was disappointed, for example, that Seth Rogen's episode a while back was kinda crap).

I didn't expect much from this one as I couldn't care less about the host, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but it turned out to be really great. I even enjoyed the opening political bit which I haven't been lately. It was upsetting because I have faith in Obama and it totally made fun of him, but they were spot on and it was amusing. Gordon-Levitt was a bit strange, I must say. He strikes me as being slightly crazy...I can't quite explain it. His opening dance number (yep, a dance number) was pretty impressive all things considered, but was also a bit weird. (His good-bye also freaked me out a bit for some reason... :-P)

Anyway, the fake commercial they typically do after the monologue was PHENOMENAL for this episode. Granted, I'll eat up anything that makes fun of Sarah Palin, but this was superb. They re-cut the trailer for 2012 (in itself a ridiculous thing)...it's too great to explain, watch it here. It's not available for embedding, I'm assuming the linked website got some special permissions. Too fantastic. WATCH IT!

Also awesome throughout the episode was Al Gore's appearances. I don't know why, but I love this guy. His appearance on 30 Rock for Green Week was also great. And he DOES make fun of the fact that NBC calls him up every time there's a Green Week. He even sat through that insane"What Up With That?" sketch. haha Those are ridiculous!

I WAS able to get the Mellow Show clip from Hulu to embed. This was great. Dave Matthews, who was the musical guest, does a pretty great impression of Ozzy. I'm so curious how they came up with that. Like, did they ask him first who he though he could impersonate, or did they just take their chances with Ozzy and he nailed it? If I ever run into Bill Hader (who actually plays Dave Matthews in this same sketch!) again, I'm going to ask him. (Not that unlikely as he's written a comic for us with Seth Meyers. It's collected in Spider-Man: The Short Halloween Premiere Hardcover! Check it out! ;-P)

Last but not least, Andy Samberg didn't disappoint with his digital short. It's absolutely ridiculous, but I love it. Not as great as Dick in a Box or Mother Lover, but it's still pretty entertaining. Enjoy!

You can watch the full episode on Hulu if you feel so inclined. I recommend it!

The End.

PS Spoiler if you didn't watch that Palin video yet... but this was the scariest part in my opinion!! haha

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