08 December 2009

OK, I'm On a Tear Tonight...

Sorry, just catching up on a lot of blogs and stuff. I was reminded of the Brookstone firing incident where a man was fired for telling a lesbian co-worker that what she was doing — marrying another woman — was bad stuff. Of course HE sees her talking about her upcoming wedding as pushing her gay agenda in his face. It should be noted that when he thought he was marrying a man, he was interested in her wedding plans, so the argument that she shouldn't be talking about her personal life in the workplace doesn't fly.

You can read the full story here (a Google search will give you the same story told from gay-friendly as well as many anti-gay perspectives, but the video they're getting it from is always the same).

I recommend reading the comments. There's some nicely worded rebuttals to the religious, anti-gay nutcases.

And speaking of them...this guy took the cake in the comments section and I had to just bring it to the forefront:

This man is not a bigot and was not judging the woman. Please get your facts straight before posting comments. This woman knew she was offending her Christian coworker by talking about her homosexual relations. This is sexual harrassment and intolerance on her part. This man went and prayed before gently, out of Christian love for all and in a non-judmental way, trying to inform the woman of what she might not know – that homosexuality is a sin against God and no man-made laws can or will ever change that. He did this out of a desire for this woman to have happiness and the abundant life God wants for all people, but that this woman will never have as long as she continues in this sin. We are all sinners, but should be striving to not sin – not embracing the sin. Regardless of any who reads this believes or does not believe, this woman will continue to be punished by God because of the sin of homosexuality until she begins striving to end this sin in her life. And, she will only be alble to achieve this with God’s help. This Christian man was doing his Godly duty to attempt to help this woman even he had to put his job at risk. Satan in the world will always fight back against Christians who stand up for God and he will use those who are weak in God like the supervisor who fired this Christian man. This man is a hero!

This really just...well it's just horrifying. THIS is why I hate religion. I know, I know, religious people are not ALL like this (I know religious people who are not, but they are not literally following their religion to the letter)...but this is what religion breeds. ::sigh:: I think I'm going to bed now. Maybe I'm getting so angry because I'm cranky... Nah, I'd be this angry no matter what time it was! :-P

The End.


Mick said...

I'm in awe of the Webmaster's patience as he corrects essentially the same mistake made by anti-gay commenters over and over again, pointing out their ridiculous double standard.

Jake said...

Poor Christians. I can't imagine what it must be like to have someone subject you to their own closed-minded worldview that you might disagree with and/or find offensive.

MichaelK said...

I'm more of the opinion lately that it's just beyond time to stop being polite with these people. They're bigots, who cares what their religion says, they need to be called on it. Every time, publicly, no punches pulled.

MichaelK said...

But hey wait, this link from around here might make you feel a little better:


William Owen said...

Maybe it was all some white-washed, non-socio-historically-contextualized malarkey from my childhood, which is not really that long ago, but it seemed like the whole point of christianity and the religious movement was Jesusyness, you know, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor. Being a mensch. What have you.

I cannot help but feel that if even half of the current fervor for religious conviction over gay-marriage and abortion were turned towards helping other people, towards turning the other cheek and doing onto others, things would be a hell of a lot better.

William Owen said...

More of the same, now with actual evidence:


MichaelK said...

Which reminds me, I tweeted this yesterdayish:

When Same-Sex Marriage Was a Christian Rite - Colfax Record - (via missspite) http://tumblr.com/xjd4qoiq5

which I add for the un-revising history factor.