24 August 2015

My last post so long ago talked about my crochet classes. Well, nearly a year later and I'm happy to report I did not give up! I'm much better at crochet than keeping up with this blog! :P

Here are the first two things I made! A simple hat and this awesome ripple scarf! The weird thing about crocheting this scarf was that it is done lengthwise, so I had to start with a chain of like 250 or something. There are ways to do a scarf the other way, but not to get the ripples, I don't think. Anyway, that was a big change from when I knitted scarves years ago. (My knitting never got that great, I might take some knitting classes soon too. I think I like crocheting better but it doesn't hurt to have multiple skills!)

I was particularly proud of this hat. It looks so professional! It was a lot easier than I thought! The yarn I used was super soft, but it fuzzes up pretty easy. I eventually want to make another one with a better yarn. (I think this was Red Heart Soft or whatever.)

Here are a couple ear warmers I made for when I've got my hair up in a ponytail. The pink one I made from a tutorial on youtube and the other one I think from a pattern on line. The flower I added was from a different pattern. I made it before I knew what I was going to do with it. It's a little big for the headband, but I like it anyway.

I have quite a few friends with children so I have a lot of kids I can make stuff for. This is a hat/leg warmer set I made for my friends' daughter's first birthday. The leg warmers were a request because apparently the carrier thing you have on your body makes their pants ride up so there's always a little bit of leg that's exposed. Or something. I added the snowflakes so they'd look like they actually went together. 

All babies look adorable with little ears on their hats!

This one I'm super proud of. My friends' 4-year-old daughter is a huge frozen fan (aren't they all?) so I made this super cute Elsa-inspired hat I saw in another friend's Instagram post. Wasn't hard to track down the pattern online but I did have to adjust it. I had my friend measure her daughter's head so I could make sure it fit. (PS She absolutely loved it and I couldn't have been happier.)

I wish I had hair as awesome as Elsa!

And lastly (for this post), here's my first foray into amigurumi! I initially started these classes because I wanted to learn how to crochet dolls so I could make a Doctor doll. I have now made around 5 or 6 amigurumi but I have yet to start on the Doctor. I keep making things for other people, or just smaller things that are quick. Amigurumi are super cute but not super fun to make. The tiny stitches make my hands hurt. But the results are pretty great. Here's my first:

I bought a Sanrio pattern book. Duh.

How cute is he?! The hat didn't come out as great as I'd like but overall, he's awesome. The very next thing I made was at least Doctor-related. Here's my Adipose! (He's in front of a giant Adipose doll I got for Christmas.)

"The fat just walks away!"
So those are the beginnings of my crochet "career"! I will post more. Hopefully soon. I don't know why it's so hard to keep up with this. I think it's because of all the tweets/tumbles/facebooks/Instagrams, etc. Anyway, if you have any interest in crochet, you can check out Craftsy.com. They have a bunch of lessons at a reasonable price. (If you're in NYC though, I highly recommend Lion Brand Yarn Studio for live classes.) There's also free lessons on youtube all over the place. Later!


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