07 September 2014

Talking About Stuff and Things

So I finally, FINALLY, decided to take a crochet class. I am very happy I did. I found the class on Course Horse (pretty cool place to find classes, check it out!) and the class is through Lion Brand Studio. Conveniently located near Union Square! They also sell yarn there, it's a super cute store. I signed up for Crochet 1, it's a two-day class, two hours each. I still have one class left and I already signed up for Crochet 2. The instructor was super friendly and there were only five people in the class so you get plenty of one-on-one if you need it. I'm pretty psyched to keep learning, probably evidenced by the fact that all I've done this weekend besides watch The West Wing, is practice crocheting while watching. :P

My first ever bit of crochet!
 I'm looking forward to working my way up to crocheting dolls, because surprisingly there are no Doctor dolls available for purchase and I need a little Doctor doll to squeeze while I'm crying as the Doctor says "I don't wanna go." (Because y'all KNOW I'm going to watch that again and again.)

Speaking of TV, after I plowed through all of the modern Doctor Who episodes for the second time in less than a year, I am finally finishing up The West Wing. I blazed through the first four seasons, but due to current TV, Doctor Who and people telling me seasons 5-7 just aren't as good, I had put the brakes on watching it. I finally started watching the rest last week. I spent the entirety of the day yesterday watching season six and I have to say, I still love the show. I honestly don't think I would've noticed that Sorkin left if I wasn't told. Maybe I'm just not a discerning enough viewer, but I still thoroughly enjoy the show. Not the least of which is CJ Cregg.

CJ Cregg is my hero.
Holy crap, is that woman amazing. I've been a huge fan of hers since day one, but she actually kicks even more ass in the later seasons. This woman is like the number one female role model I've come across on TV. haha I mean I haven't really studied it, so maybe I'm wrong but man I love her. She's funny, she's smart and she's so damn powerful. Gah. I can't get enough. I'm going to be sad when I'm done. Though I think Newsroom will be starting soon, so at least I'll have that. And I still have yet to watch Sports Night. Oh yeah, I'm one of those people that LOVES Sorkin. :) After I watched the first season of Newsroom, I realized I was one of those people and so I needed to watch The West Wing. [I'm one of the few that loved Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (I even own the DVDs).]

Ned and Jory. They lead a simple life.
I also started playing with this gif app I found called Camoji, so you might be seeing some more gifs on here... (I still really need to learn how to make them out of pre-existing images or videos.)

So I think I have some West Wing to watch... although... I DO need to go for a run... but like, it's so HOT out this weekend... Dammit. I'm already making excuses. At least I haven't been eating a lot this weekend... although I did drink almost a whole bottle of wine... Sigh.

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