02 November 2010

Break for Funny Political Video

Don't Ask Don't Tell is a huge pile of bullshit. Just another way to suppress the rights of people that OTHER people find "icky." I cannot believe this still exists. (You suck, McCain.) But then again, I can't believe there are actually laws that prevent gay people from getting married. Seriously?! Do you listen to yourselves?! You think it's OK to actually tell other people they do NOT deserve the same rights as you do!? That is UNBELIEVABLE. That is so far beyond arrogance. It'd be FUNNY if it wasn't so damaging. ARRRGHHH!

Anyway, funnyordie.com (love that site) has a great video up about this very issue! Watch and enjoy!

And while you're at it, check out Louis CK's comments on the gays...

Love that guy.

The End.

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