27 September 2010

(Balloon) Training Day

I'm going to be one of the balloon handlers for the Spider-Man balloon at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! So today I had to go to a mandatory training session. Aside from having to be up at 7AM on a Sunday, it was kinda fun. It's pretty easy stuff, but I just had to learn the hand signals and stuff.

We practiced on the Super Grover balloon (I think Spidey is close in size, maybe bigger) which might be a retired balloon. But he's classic.

There was also this little practice balloon... it's a clown... but it's the creepiest fucking clown! WHY would this be a balloon!??! This definitely gave children nightmares!

I took a bit of video of it and added some music. Enjoy!

Looking forward to the parade for the first time ever! (I'm not a parade person, but being on the inside makes it more appealing. Mainly because I won't have to deal with crowds!)

The End.


Unknown said...

I'm not a fan of clowns at the best of times but that is especially creepy. Look at that face! It's hiding something behind that sinister smile.

Don Hudson said...

I remember the accident where a balloon brushed against a street light and fell into the crowd. I hope that does not happen this year. Hold on tight!