03 June 2010

Sketchbook Series #8

I've been lazy. Well not REALLY lazy, just blog lazy. Which is probably because my ACTUAL life has been the complete OPPOSITE of lazy! Too busy! Blerg! No excuse, I know. Well, since I haven't posted in awhile and all the stuff I WANT to post is going to take too long right now, here's a filler sketchbook post! I haven't done one in awhile (they seem to be my go-to filler posts, but they have pretty art!), so here you go! This is by the super cool Chris Giarrusso! I chose to use his today because yesterday we enjoyed awesome milkshakes together! (He chocolate, me vanilla w/banana.)

I'll explain this a little. Not too complicated. That's meant to be me & Lockheed (it was drawn like 2 years ago, hence the long hair). Everyone knows I love Lockheed. Well, if you didn't, you do now. So yep, that's me loving Lockheed, and him loving me right back. ::sigh:: Oh and the little faces are a sort of inside joke from back in the day when Chris worked in the Marvel bullpen, basically relating my mood to my hair colour at the time. ;-)

If you don't know Chris Giarrusso and his awesome work, then you are living under a rock and you need to go buy his books now!!!! They rule!

The End.


Jimmy said...

Porque desenhas?????

Jennifer Juniper said...

I don't know what that means! :-(

Jimmy said...


Mitch Dyer said...

Great sketch Jen! I love when he colors stuff with crayon.Got a Cap done in crayon.Kick ass.