10 June 2010

Lorelai Gilmore, How I Wish She Were Real

And my friend. I love this woman. haha

My co-worker is currently watching the Gilmore Girls series with his girlfriend and he said to me today "So we saw the 'culs-de-sac episode.'" This is how much I loved this bit in that show. It was YEARS ago but I guess I talked about it so much, he remembered how much I loved it. It was the opener to one of the Season 4 episodes and it had me laughing so hard I almost peed. And just reading the transcript of that bit nearly did it to me again.

This also shows more of my nerdiness as it's frakkin' GRAMMAR humour! I present this to you now, enjoy...

RORY: It’s culs-de-sac.

LORELAI: No way!

RORY: It is.

LORELAI: The plural of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac?

RORY: Yes.

LORELAI: That doesn’t even sound like English.

RORY: That’s because it’s French.

LORELAI: You know what I mean.

RORY: I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

LORELAI: Words should sound right to be right.

RORY: That’s not how it works.

LORELAI: So, what, the plural of yo-yo is yos-yo?

RORY: Yeah, ’cause that sounds so natural.

LORELAI: As natural as culs-de-sac.

LORELAI: Hey, Luke.

LUKE: Look at this.

LORELAI: Who, Lane? She’s super waitress, able to leap tall pancakes in a single bound. Or is that pans-cake?

RORY: Very funny.

LUKE: It’s not gonna work out.

LORELAI: Oh. What, she’s so good.

LUKE: She’s too good.

LORELAI: Oh, calm down.

LUKE: When there was a lull, she cleaned the menus without being asked.

LORELAI: Do you mean mens-u?

RORY: Stop it.

LORELAI: So, now, why do you have to get back to campus so early? Classes don’t start for a couple of days.

RORY: Yeah, I have a lot of stuff to do. And it’ll be nice and quiet with no roommates around.

LORELAI: Where are the rooms-mate?

RORY: Um, Janet’s mountain climbing, Tanna’s home, and Paris went skiing with her boyfriend.

LORELAI: So you’re just ignoring the plural thing now?

RORY: Yeah.

LORELAI: Boy, maybe this Lane/Luke team isn’t gonna work out.

RORY: Yeah.

LORELAI: Where do you think Luke will go?

RORY: I don’t know. Maybe a big chain will take him on.

LORELAI: I wonder if he has a forklift license.

RORY: He could redeem recyclables.

LORELAI: You mean recycs-able?

LORELAI: So everyone in the entire world knew the plural of cul-de-sac was culs-de-sac?


LORELAI: Okay. So Mariah Carey is out with some friends and she’s had a couple cocktails, she glances down from the roof and says, “Oh, look at all those culs-de-sac.”

RORY: Why are they on the roof?

LORELAI: It’s a rooftop bar.

RICHARD: How have you been saying it?

LORELAI: Cul-de-sacs.

RICHARD: And no one ever corrected you?

LORELAI: No, because that’s the way it should be. Even if it isn’t technically correct, it should be pronounced that way.

RORY: Mom, Mom, just let it go.

LORELAI: I will never let this go.

I NEVER forgot "pans-cake" and "recycs-able." Fucking hilarious. I only wish Rory told her about "passersby" b/c that always annoyed me and would have blown her mind! haha (Not that "passerbys" sounds much better.) Seriously, I would love to have conversations like this all the time. I need the Weird Science kids to make me a Lorelai to hang out with. ... But then...if they COULD...would she REALLY be the first person I would have them make me...? ;-)

The End.

PS I also totally love Lauren Graham as Sarah Braverman on Parenthood. Which is a totally amazing show that everyone should watch. I've seen like 10 or so episodes and EVERY SINGLE one has at least made me tear up, if not cry. So good!!!


Anonymous said...

HI! (it's like hello only shorter), I came here from google serching for "Tina Fey", and find out that you've got pal in 30 rock cast:)
I'm starting now reading older posts, (althoug it's 1 am), this blog is really funny and I can learn about the USA's entertainmant. (I'm from Poland). An I LOVE Tina Fey:)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Hi! I'm so glad you like what you found! Tina Fey rules!!

Anonymous said...

Now I've read everything.
I have to watch Iron MAn 2 - especially for Mickey Rourke.
please update often (like 2 years ago;).
And this is the best of Tina (and best acceptance speach ever) - in case you haven't watched:
(also, David Duchovny - why don't u love me, haha great tune), thanks @ cheers

Anonymous said...

ps. Do you know what's going on with Sin City 2? (I loved Bruce Willis, Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke.) Is someone really makes this movie?

AllStevie said...

don't forget "rooms-mate" and "mens-u."
i don't think i'll ever have a more of a hero/role model.

Anonymous said...

Attorneys General ;-)

Anonymous said...

Attorneys General :)