02 April 2009

Fun With Statues!

As shown in a previous post, I love these crazy "everyday people" statues I've been noticing lately. They might've been around forever, but I've only started really noticing them in the last couple years. And I've also noticed how fun it is to take pictures with them! :-)

Here are the ones I've taken so far, but I'm hoping to find more of these ...

Here's the one I've posted before, found in Carrboro, NC. Rivals the chess one (below) as my favourite so far. Best part is that it's like right next to someone's house at an actual bus stop!!! I would LOVE to have this on my lawn!!!

This one is somewhere along my walk from work to my Friday night pub. He's definitely winning. I suck at chess. (This was taken 1 1/2 - 2 years ago.)

Found this guy in Toronto last summer. Walking back to the Renaissance Hotel from some bar I don't remember. Great position. I wonder if people just use these benches as actual benches sometimes. I wouldn't be able to stop looking at him.

These last two were taken the night I saw Cloverfield...which I believe might've been opening night. This is somewhere downtown in the financial district, I believe. A little blurry, but you get the idea. The panda hat I'm wearing is a little creepy because you can't see my face...haha

If you guys know of any cool statues like this where you live, let me know! If I'm every 'round those parts, I'll want to meet them! :)

The End.

PS I know the Ronald McDonald one is quite popular...but I think I've seen that enough times, kinda want to leave that one OUT of my collection.

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