15 April 2009


Or as I like to call it... the New Shea! ;-)

I didn't get to go to Opening Day, but my mom scored tickets to the 2nd Exhibition game again the Red Sox (the day after I saw West Side Story...was a very mommy weekend!). Unfortunately the game SUCKED. The Red Sox got a grand slam just as we were sitting down in the first inning, giving them a 6 run lead before the Mets even had their first at-bat! Ugh!

At least it was only an exhibition game! And it gave us more of a reason to just wander around. Although, we didn't wander as much as we wanted to, it was frakkin' FREEZING due to INSANE winds!

I know there are tons of pictures of the new field all over the internet, but I'm gonna post mine anyway. :)

I love the way the front looks! The arches where you walk in and stuff, awesome! And right in front (what all those people are standing on in this pic) is the fan walk with personalised bricks the Mets were selling leading up to the construction of CitiField...

See? What a cool idea that was! Those'll be there until the NEXT Stadium!

And OF COURSE my mom and I got one:

Love these signs...

So cool inside...

The field...

The shiny new apple (which I, unfortunately, didn't get to see come out...but there's plenty of time for that!):

I even like the new chairs! And there's definitely a difference in leg room (not huge, but noticeable)! Yay!

THIS made my day! Even though I found out about it AFTER I'd already had a burger upstairs. IT'S A FRAKKIN' SHAKE SHACK!!!!!!!! Oh man, soooo awesome:

And from down on that level, you can stand behind the seats and watch the game too! What a view!!!
Here's me standing there. haha I look like a bag lady with the wind blowing my hair around like that and my ridiculously fuzzy purple gloves!

And for you Marvel fans out there... haha (all the levels are named something or other, but this one stood out for me!):

Best part of the day was when one of the approx.-60-year-old ushers thought I was a TEENAGER!!! Woot! (For those that don't know, I'll be 29 this year!)

I didn't go to the bathroom while I was there, but my aunt did the night before and took pictures, VERY nice. She said they pipe in the audio of the game which is great (I think they do that at Dodgers stadium...or Rogers Centre... I know I experienced that at SOME stadium... Anyway, she also said she found this really cool lounge with a bar and like 80 TVs inside or something! Next on my list of things to look for.

Also, unfortunately, I didn't get to take a picture with (or even see) the old apple from Shea, but I am going to the game this Sunday with my friend "Thighs," so I'll do that then...as well as getting a Shake Shack cheeseburger!!! YUM!

There's also a nice gift shop, much like the one that was at Shea, but also much like that one, there's not much for women. I don't know what the deal is, but of the FEW things they have in women's sizes, at least HALF of them are pink or have rhinestones on them. UGH! The guys get such cool stuff, but it's all ENORMOUS! ::sigh:: For you ladies, I recommend the internet, Modell's or the Club Store on 42nd St. between 5th and 6th Aves. for team clothing.

All in all, I love the new stadium. Sad to lose Shea, and I'd be happier if this one was CALLED Shea, but in the end, it's a welcome improvement!

Let's Go Mets!!!

The End.


Vitamin Steve said...

You might enjoy this shirt- http://www.nomas-nyc.com/product_shea.html

Great pics, I'll have ones from the Opener at Yankee Stadium tomorrow.

Not like you'll care, but still...

JimmyGlenn711 said...

That looks awesome! I wanna get there sometime this year even if its just bleacher seats.

p.s. I hear the old apple is somewhere on display!

Anonymous said...

"The Red Sox got a grand slam just as we were sitting down in the first inning, giving them a 6 run lead before the Mets even had their first at-bat! Ugh!"

You got something wrong. The above quote means the game was GREAT...