02 March 2009

Becky Shaw

Yesterday, I went to see an off-Broadway play called Becky Shaw at 2nd Stage Theater on 43rd St. I liked it. The End.
Haha No, that's not all.

But yes, I did enjoy this play. It was basically like a family drama sort of thing, but with a lot of funny bits. Particularly the character of Susan, played by Kelly Bishop, more commonly known as the grandmother on Gilmore Girls! (Here's an interview Kelly did about this play.) She played a similar part in this, but even more mean. And she was fantastic. The rest of the cast — all four of them — were also very good. I liked the Max character a lot. I'd say check this out if you've got the time and money, it runs until the 15th.

A nice day out at the theater, I'd say (I had a lovely brunch beforehand at Film Center Cafe, as well). ;-) But the best part: I was able to meet Kelly! My friend works at the theater and was kind enough to ask her to meet me! We only briefly said hello, but she seemed very sweet and she let me take a picture!

The End. (For real.)

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thom dunn said...

So this is odd...
I met you once this past summer at the Marvel offices. Jim McCann was showing a friend and I around, and you and I got to talking a bit after I mentioned working in theatre.
Neither you nor Jim really has any reason to remember any of this BUT-
I saw someone on twitter mention your name this morning, and later in the day while at work I found this post of yours about 'Becky Shaw,' which was directed by the Artistic Director of my company, and is coming to our theatre (the Huntington, in Boston) next year, after it leaves New York.
So anyway, that's a nice little coincidence for ya. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show at least!