07 July 2010

Oops...I Did it Again...

I fucked with my head! haha

So far, I'm loving it. I'll be honest, I wasn't very happy with my hair the last time I did it. I liked it some days...but I just don't think my hair works well that short. So I'm growing it. In the meantime, it's black now.

1) I honestly think this looks soooo much better.
2) It's cheaper and easier to maintain.
3) It's actually going to be better for my hair. Constant bleaching is what killed my hair to the point of having to cut it all off in the first place!
4) I still have a little bit of colour in the front. There's blue there, it's just really dark. It'll lighten up after a few washes. And I can always dye that front bit different colours. (So SOME of my hair will still be getting bleached...)

I feel better now. Hopefully it'll start growing quicker. My hairstylist (who's awesome! Lemme know if you need one and you live in NYC, she's great!) says the summer is when your hair grows faster because the heat opens up your pores. Dunno if that's true, but here's hopin'!

Anyway, just sharing, as usual. And also as usual, I'm going to promise to post some more stuff more often! I swear I will! At the very least, I'm going to California next week so when I get back I'm sure I'll have a shitload of stuff to share!

Aaahh...THERE'S that blue! Just needed a little light!

The End.


WanderingSteve said...
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WanderingSteve said...

"I'd buy that for a dollar!" ^_~