10 May 2010

IRON MAN 2!!! Hell. Yes.

So, now you've all had a chance to see Iron Man 2 (what!? You didn't see it opening weekend?! Are you feeling ok?!?!), tell me what you think! Personally, I LOVED it! OK, I still think I like the first one better, but this was a damn good sequel (and I was even more excited with the extra-after-the-credits scene in this one — I hope you stayed to watch it!)!

My minor problems with it (which didn't deter from my enjoyment)... SPOILERZ AHEAD!
  • First, I know the general public laps this shit up (and I know it was also to help sell costumes) but I HATED the scene with the little kid thinking he's going to blow up the robot. Sure Iron Man notices that one little kid in all that mayhem and saves him with time to comment. Fuck all the other people.
  • Second, I didn't like that Whiplash just became Iron Monger (Obediah from the first movie) at the end. And also that he would remove his helmet/face plate IN THE MIDDLE of the fight.
  • I would have liked it if Natasha had more of an important role.
  • Didn't love Sam Jackson playing himself when he should have been playing Nick Fury.
  • While Don Cheadle did I a good job, I would've liked having Terrance Howard back more. Plus Howard is better looking. ;-P
There may have been something else, but clearly nothing too important as I don't recall it now!

What I especially liked about the movie:
  • Pepper Potts RULED.
  • Loved the Iron Man/War Machine banter throughout.
  • LOVED the suitcase suit!
  • Robert Downey Jr. killed it AGAIN.
  • I love Agent Coulson.
  • As previously mentioned, the extra scene.
  • The Hammer/Stark rivalry.
  • Oh man. Black Widow. ::drool::
Seriously. She was so hot in this and there's nothing I love more than a hot chick KICKING ASS!

Go see it if you haven't! And check out this kick-ass art book my department put out for it!

And if you didn't get the first one, it's now out in paperback!

The End.


Ian said...

Stephen and I saw it Thursday night, yet Jermaine didn't see it until Saturday night. We had to go all of Friday and Saturday without saying a word about it. It was difficult but, Jermaine managed to not have any spoilers up until hes walking into the theater. Someone walking out of the previous movie was talking about Thor's Hammer almost purposefully loud. Jermaine was pissed.

Reverend / Comics Con Queso said...

I certainly liked it. A full review is up at Comics Con Queso :http://wp.me/pFIz6-dY

Rockwell stole the show for me. Such a great villain and a great dark mirror image of Tony Stark.

WanderingSteve said...

Saw it with my brother and his friend...my parents went to an earlier showing...and we all agreed, like you, that while it was certainly entertaining, the first one was definitely better.

I definitely agree with the "WTF?" on Whiplash removing his helmet several times during the fight; the image of Dark Helmet removing his faceplate to taunt Lone Star and then getting sucker-punched in "SpaceBalls" came to mind, which accordingly took me "out" of the movie...bad move.

That said, it was great seeing Iron Man and War Machine in action, both against each other and working together. The unique introduction/use of Captain America's shield was quite humorous (had to explain that one to my parents the next day). Sam Rockwell was definitely great (although I prefer his character-s in "Moon", a great old-school sci-fi flik). And Gary Shandling's role was PERFECT for him..." You might feel a little prick"...Awesome! ^_^