08 July 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I spent the weekend upstate with a friend's family (and other friends) and had a great time! Slept in a tent for the first time, watched and set off fireworks, rode some quads through the woods, ate lots of good food and got sunburned! What'd YOU do?!

Here are pics!

The "campsite" outside my friend's house (his family had claim on all the beds and couches, friends had to use tents) before the other two tents were erected:

Eventually my friend set up the tent for him, his girlfriend, cousin & friend. IT HAS TWO ROOMS!!! And you can STAND in it!!!

Played a little wiffle ball...I'm not good at sports.

There were quads and like a buggy. I was able to take pictures while in the buggy my friend was driving.

We saw a deer too! Hee!

My friend's dad found this crazy axe-shaped piece of wood in the woods!!!

This picture reminds me of some Huckleberry Finn character. A red-faced, freckled, tomboy-type girl about to cause trouble...haha I'm eating a Rice Krispie treat we made! Yum!!

I even have hoodies with ears on them! ;)

Setting up the fire...

The fire! Great idea: use the inside of a washing machine as your fire pit! The holes let the light and warmth out and the oxygen in! Smart!

Yes. This is a giant supermarket for Fireworks. Un. Real.

Obligatory fireworks shots. I can't get enough of fireworks. Hate the lame crackdown of the past few years. Ridiculous.

I realised later that I spent AT MOST 2 hours indoors (including sleep-time) from Friday night to Sunday morning. I've never done that before. I am happy about this. But sunburned skin however, is not. Ouch!

The End.

PS The absence of my friends in these pics is only due to my personal policy of not assuming my friends want strangers seeing pictures of them... just b/c I'M an attention-hound... hahaha

Also, I didn't want to post pictures of the house, but boy was it cool! It was like a log-cabin-turned-modern-house. Big log beams across the ceiling and shit. Really cool! Apparently it was built from a "kit" too! I was impressed.

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I think light red glow on your face suits you. ;)