28 November 2008


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I have to say, I am so thankful for my family! It's a bit sappy, I know, but they are THE best! I brought a friend who wasn't able to get to his family this year and they were great, just adding him in to everything. I know a lot of families are cool like that, but it really just made me love them even more. And also they all make great food, which is a plus because I cannot cook at all! hahaha

Anyway, there are other things to be thankful for, and here's the Marvel video about that exact thing (note: I'm in there!):

The End.

23 November 2008

Week Late, But Still Great!

If you missed Saturday Night Live last week, here's my favourite bit. SNL has made me actually adore Justin Timberlake! Between "Dick In a Box" and THIS... fucking A!

JT is also fantastic in the Beyoncé video skit, but I can't find it online. I'm sure it'll make it's way back on youtube or something eventually, keep your eyes peeled!

I'm gonna go listen to "Sexy Back" now...

The End.

21 November 2008

Google Loves Magritte! Yay!

Just a cool thing I saw this morning as I was about to sign in to my email. You know how Google sometimes dresses up its logo (usually for holidays). Well, today it was dressed up with Rene Magritte stuff!! (See?)

I was pleasantly surprised as I consider Rene Magritte one of my favourite artists! I'm not a big art person. I did horrible in art history class, I rarely go to museums and when I do, I don't pay as much attention as most do. But there are a few artists who stuff I adore (Picasso being another one). I guess I like more modern art more, though some of it is ridiculously pretentious. ANYWAY, I found Magritte when I was at MOMA for some class in college. I can't remember what it was for, but I had to choose a painting I liked and do something with it. I found this (actually I think it was another in the series, but the idea was the same):

I just thought it was super cool how it was daytime in the sky and nighttime on the street. Then I started looking at some of his other stuff and saw all these paintings that I'd seen before, that are also great. These are some of his fairly well-known ones:

Awesomely enough, I found this t-shirt a year or so ago on Threadless (excellent place for cool t-shirts, by the way, if you live under a rock and haven't heard of it :-P), combining the above painting with one of my favourite video games of all time (Mario Bros., duh). Bought it immediately, of course:

Anyway, that's all, just thought it was cool that Google was showcasing him (if you click the logo, it directs you to Magritte images and sites) and wanted to point him out in case anybody who reads this never heard of him. Definitely check out his stuff if you haven't!

The End.

PS On quick wikipedia check, I see that today is his birthday, so that must be what brought it on. I guess there's a Magritte fan in Google's creative department... haha

19 November 2008

Ack! Horrendous!

Found on the Bendis board (good place to find stuff)! This is atrocious! Its moronic! Makes you wonder who actually voted for Obama and WHY. Seriously, what is up with this!?

Mama Voted for Obama

What is the point of it? It doesn't actually TEACH anything! Gah! I'm just so annoyed...

The End.

10 November 2008

R. Beast's Out of Love - A Webcomic!

I won't claim that I'm a big webcomic reader. In fact, I only check out a few here and there. But this one, R. Beast's Out of Love, is one that I will definitely follow regularly from now on. While it is a bit bizarre and cryptic, I'm still utterly enthralled and very curious to see where it's going. Not to mention, the art style is fantastic! So, if you like webcomics or you like indie comics, please take a look, there's only 21 pages so far so it's not hard to catch up!

(Here's a sample, it's page 12.)

All I know is, I want my own R.Beast-style mask! :-) And how cool is that bird!?! :-P

The End.

05 November 2008

I've Been Interviewed! Yay!

I was pulled aside at the Baltimore Comicon for an interview and here it is!

Living Wednesday to Wednesday #31.4: the Jen Grünwald Interview!

There's even a video! There's a link to it on the page, but I figured I'd embed it here. You can't hear it all that well, but the above link has it transcribed. My voice is a bit raspy, I think that was due a lot of partying the night before, but I must say...I like the way it sounds! I should mess up my voice more often!

Anyway, here's the video, but check the link if you can't understand what's being said. Thanks to Stephen for giving a crap about what I've got to say, and especially for linking the blog! Sweet!

The End.


I haven't been proud to be an American for a long time now. Finally, I can feel it again! I actually WANT to put up a flag!!!! This is amazing! Here's to change! I don't expect everything to be fixed immediately, but I actually have hope and a good feeling he will be able to get us on the right track! I can't wait to travel abroad now and not be embarrassed about where I come from... ;-)

Thank you to everyone who voted for Obama. You made the right choice. :)

WOO HOO!!!!!!

The End.

04 November 2008