21 November 2008

Google Loves Magritte! Yay!

Just a cool thing I saw this morning as I was about to sign in to my email. You know how Google sometimes dresses up its logo (usually for holidays). Well, today it was dressed up with Rene Magritte stuff!! (See?)

I was pleasantly surprised as I consider Rene Magritte one of my favourite artists! I'm not a big art person. I did horrible in art history class, I rarely go to museums and when I do, I don't pay as much attention as most do. But there are a few artists who stuff I adore (Picasso being another one). I guess I like more modern art more, though some of it is ridiculously pretentious. ANYWAY, I found Magritte when I was at MOMA for some class in college. I can't remember what it was for, but I had to choose a painting I liked and do something with it. I found this (actually I think it was another in the series, but the idea was the same):

I just thought it was super cool how it was daytime in the sky and nighttime on the street. Then I started looking at some of his other stuff and saw all these paintings that I'd seen before, that are also great. These are some of his fairly well-known ones:

Awesomely enough, I found this t-shirt a year or so ago on Threadless (excellent place for cool t-shirts, by the way, if you live under a rock and haven't heard of it :-P), combining the above painting with one of my favourite video games of all time (Mario Bros., duh). Bought it immediately, of course:

Anyway, that's all, just thought it was cool that Google was showcasing him (if you click the logo, it directs you to Magritte images and sites) and wanted to point him out in case anybody who reads this never heard of him. Definitely check out his stuff if you haven't!

The End.

PS On quick wikipedia check, I see that today is his birthday, so that must be what brought it on. I guess there's a Magritte fan in Google's creative department... haha


Mike K. said...

Glad you noticed, Jen. Us Googlers are big fans of your work as well. :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Wow! Thank you! :) :) :)

David Lafuente said...