02 December 2008

I ♥ Tina Fey & 30 Rock!

My super-awesome, so-totally-great friend, Scott Adsit (a.k.a. Pete Hornberger) invited me to the set of 30 Rock yesterday! (Only fair, as I brought him up to our offices a while back. Granted his job is way cooler, but hey, he's a comic-book nerd, so it was cool to show off my job as well!) I'm a huge 30 Rock fan, so this was very exciting!

I got to see a scene with him, Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin. I only really just said hello to Mr. Baldwin along with the rest of the crew, but I did get to talk to Tina for awhile. And boy, she is just as cool as I imagined. Seriously sweet and very funny. I love her! I also got to hang out with Judah Friedlander for awhile while he waited to see if he had to be in the background of a scene. He's also a super cool guy and I'm definitely going to be checking out his stand-up ASAP! Everyone on the set was incredibly nice! (Between this and Heroes, I'm really starting to want to work in T.V.!)

I also got to see Tracy Jordan's and Jenna's dressing rooms, sit at Kenneth's page desk, and walk through Jack Donaghy's office and Liz Lemon's apartment! I'm not supposed to be posting the pictures, so I won't, but I HAVE to post this one! That's my pal Scott, Tina and me! She's adorable! Ahh!! What an awesome night! Thank you, Scott!!!!!!!

The End.

PS This couldn't have come at a better time, as some complete f@$%-wad tried to break into my car last week by prying the door open, which was then stuck in this position. They also broke the molding along the edge of the car where the door hits it which now has to be replaced. All this coming to a grand total of $541. Thanks. And they didn't even get in, and even if they HAD, all they would have found was a bunch of CD books. ARGH! So, yeah, this brightened up my day a bit! ;-)


Joseph Finn said...

It's funny who, when they make it big out of Second City, you remember and who you don't; I remember Tina and Rachel Dratch from back in the day but completely blanked on Scott until I saw a Second City documentary recently. IN the same root, I totally remember Nancy Walls from back in the day, but totally missed the boat on noting Steve Carell for later glory.

Mel Caylo said...

Totally jealous! I love "30 Rock"!

The Cable Guy said...

That sucks about your car. Did you file a police report? If you did, did the officer collect prints. I ask because I know a lot of people who wont file reports or agencies who don't take the time to collect latent prints which is terrible.

soulspeak23 said...

omg, I'm so jealous! I love Tina Fey!

Colin said...

Wow that totally beats my Scott Adsit story. *seething with envy*

Unknown said...

I've recently become very addicted to this show and actually regret every second of life before 30 rock...ok I'm kidding but seriously I've scrambled to watch as many episodes as I can find online and it's still not enough. It's awesome that you got to go to the set and meet them!