29 July 2010

The Bendis Board is Full of Nice!

If you don't know, I frequent the Jinxworld Brian Michael Bendis Message Board a lot (admittedly, not as much since twitter happened...). It's a great message board, mainly about comics, but which discusses many other things as well. And it's full of awesome people. It's a community of fans and friends and I love it and the people on it. (Well most of 'em... haha) (Yeah, I'm talking about YOU, McKeever!) ;-)

Anyway, a bunch of these fantastic peeps did a very nice thing for me and put together a beautiful book of drawings for my 30th birthday (yes, it's coming very soon...). Coordinated buy The Cable Guy, he gave me this fantastic book at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend (which I will post about very soon, promise!).

I would like to share these with you here:

Dazzler by Chris Burke...

Rogue (hehe with Lockheed peekin'!) by Andrew Huerta...

Marvel Girl by Aaron Bir...

Rogue by Brent Peeples...

Spider-Woman by Andy Kuhn...

I remember this following one! Pat Loika! My buddy who is forever helping me out!! Thanks!!!

I also know this one! My good friend and pain-in-the-ass, David Mack!

Storm by Brian Defferding...

And of course, he knew to go to one of my favourite people ever for one! Chris "G-Man" Giarrusso!

And last but not least, this kick-ass Rogue (w/Gambit! <3) Jeremy Dale...

You can tell they know me by their character choices! ;-)


The End.

09 July 2010

Fuck you, M. Night

Seriously. Fuck you. I’m done with you. I had your back with The Village, I actually REALLY liked that one. I was on your side with Lady in the Water. I said, “You know what? This was a little different than the other movies. So what? It was still entertaining.” I even thought The Happening wasn’t terrible. I enjoyed it. I didn’t think it was GREAT, like Sixth Sense or Unbreakable, but I still had a fun time watching it.

But The Last Airbender? Holy wow. This movie was AWFUL.

I know there have been a shit-ton of bad reviews. I didn’t actually READ them, but I’d heard said that it lacked the emotion and humour of the animated series. Man, that’s an UNDERSTATEMENT. I went into this movie WANTING to like it. PREPARED to give it more chances than many other have. I’ve often seen movies and enjoyed them (to some degree) regardless of the feelings of the general public, so I thought, “Maybe I won’t LOVE this, but I bet I’ll at least like it somewhat!” No such luck.

Be prepared, there are be spoilers ahead…

First off, and now I know this doesn’t affect story at all, but it is REALLY annoying and completely pulls you out of the story for anyone who was a fan of the cartoon, but for some unknown, DUMB reason, M. Night has changed the pronunciation of a bunch of names!! Aang is now pronounced “Ah-ng,” Avatar is “Ah-vah-tar,” Sokka is the WORST, pronounced “Soak-ah” — ugh, it makes me shudder just THINKING about it — Iroh is “Ee-roh”…I think that’s it, except for, no joke, someone says “Yin & Yang” and pronounces it “Yin & Yah-ng”!!! What the fuck?!?! WHY?!?! It’s not like you’re adapting the movie from a book where no one has said these names out loud! What POSSIBLE reason can there be for this?!!? Arrrghhh!! Made me so angry and annoyed the whole time. And SOAK-AH just sounds stupid.

Secondly, the acting. Ohmygod, TERRIBLE. Just AWFUL. Reminds me of the terrible acting in Twilight. Only I care less about THOSE movies. Everyone is just so fucking STIFF! Yeah, dude from Twilight, you are JUST as bad in this as you are in those!

Third, yes, NO emotion, NO humour. There’s like ONE joke and it’s so poorly delivered, no one laughs. And honestly, if I hadn’t seen the cartoon I wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass about any of these characters. That’s the BEST thing about the cartoon! You REALLY start to care about them! Not so in this. Not at all.

And holy CRAP, don’t get me started on the bending!! Jeebus! It took them FOREVER to bend! In the time it took them to bend something, they could have been punched in the face! There was like ONE scene with Aang doing some super-cool QUICK bending. Oh, and get this, the fire nation can’t CREATE fire in this version! They can only manipulate it! (Now a friend of mine says he never liked that about the cartoon since none of the other benders could create their elements, BUT, I think it’s a nice trade-off since fire doesn’t exist on it’s own like water, air & earth do. But either way, just stick to the fucking show!)

Zuko! Holy Christ! If you thought he whined too much about his dad on the cartoon! This kid is the WORST! And he’s not bad-ass enough! In season 1, that kid was an a-hole! This one’s a little bitch!

The ONLY thing it had going for it was that Appa & Momo are still adorable. But they’re BARELY in it and completely useless. The scenery was gorgeous, and the few times they DID bend, it was kinda cool. Oh, and the characters LOOKED the part OK. Except for the Fire Lord who was oh-so-NOT-AT-ALL-SCARY. Sigh.

Man, the PACING on this thing was awful too! It’s so rushed! I know it’s a lot to fit in a movie, but it CAN be done! Some shit can be cut out, like the Blue Spirit bit where he rescues Aang. Leave that out, so you can flesh out the story more. SOMEthing! Like, the kids leave the water tribe and then they’re just in the Earth kingdom helping an occupied section. No discussion, nothing. Ugh. It was just so weird. But really, the acting man. Just terrible. I don’t get it.

So, I’m basically saying, “don’t bother.” I mean, I know if you’re as big a fan of the cartoon as I am, you’ll still want to see for yourself. But be prepared. I THOUGHT I was prepared. I wasn’t. This was one of the worst adaptations of something I liked that I’ve ever seen. Serisouly. Worse than Eragon. Simply awful. Which is so depressing.

You know, the whole time, I’m thinking, “Man, Peter Jackson would have made this shit AWESOME."

The End.

Just go buy the real thing:

07 July 2010

Oops...I Did it Again...

I fucked with my head! haha

So far, I'm loving it. I'll be honest, I wasn't very happy with my hair the last time I did it. I liked it some days...but I just don't think my hair works well that short. So I'm growing it. In the meantime, it's black now.

1) I honestly think this looks soooo much better.
2) It's cheaper and easier to maintain.
3) It's actually going to be better for my hair. Constant bleaching is what killed my hair to the point of having to cut it all off in the first place!
4) I still have a little bit of colour in the front. There's blue there, it's just really dark. It'll lighten up after a few washes. And I can always dye that front bit different colours. (So SOME of my hair will still be getting bleached...)

I feel better now. Hopefully it'll start growing quicker. My hairstylist (who's awesome! Lemme know if you need one and you live in NYC, she's great!) says the summer is when your hair grows faster because the heat opens up your pores. Dunno if that's true, but here's hopin'!

Anyway, just sharing, as usual. And also as usual, I'm going to promise to post some more stuff more often! I swear I will! At the very least, I'm going to California next week so when I get back I'm sure I'll have a shitload of stuff to share!

Aaahh...THERE'S that blue! Just needed a little light!

The End.